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Guangzhou advertising engraving machine color technology

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Guangzhou advertising engraving machine carving the color back color technology : before carving with self-adhesive ( sticky ) follow strict, self- carving after completing painting with color , one of the essentials is the painting to be u

Guangzhou advertising engraving machine carving the color back color technology: before carving with self-adhesive (sticky) follow strict, self-carving after completing painting with color, one of the essentials is the painting to be uniform, and not a spray paint is too thick this eroded the self-adhesive plastic drill case occurs, the method can be painted many times, when after a few minutes after spraying touch paint left the sticker on the sticker can be peeled off, a long time may appear to remain self-adhesive glue or adhesive corrosion drill.
, The Teflon plate or pvc color:

Self-paint: Do not leave too close, use many times painting method. Also, do not just stand in one direction spray.
with the pump: If you want to spray too much paint will increase with the cost of self, can be used to pump paint, paint is too thick and if appropriate against some gasoline.
Color-color board content:

Since the painting: the larger outline application content, the operation above
oil injection method: For a comparison with deep-carved contours, since the paint compared to a three-dimensional, color fresh and smooth. Glass syringe plus needle injection gasoline against the good paint (color of paint will have a direct impact on the results, I generally use cars FAW enamels, only 10 multi-block barrel)

scraping propylene: outline application with a relatively small, can not self-oiling is not easy to use spray paint. Acrylic painting supplies generally sell the place to sell, is a dye. Pvc card sheet of propylene with engraved blown a good outline of it, such as propylene dry and then scrape the material surface to propylene.

         Guangzhou advertising engraving machine technology badge color color: generally used method of scraping propylene. If only one color is best to outline a few of these carved out first, before continuing to complete the color in the other carving. In addition, Guangzhou, advertising engraving machine carving of the back plate color techniques now have a transparent acrylic sculpture and then again on the overall color of the color method. Some words do not color, color in Guangzhou, advertising engraving machine technology behind the back layer of paper money would be more reflective of the effect, the appropriate light oil spray that can also play a reflective effect, can also play a role in polishing.

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